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The Underrated Power of a 'Work for Us' Page for Small Businesses

Missing a Career Page? You are not alone.

In today's rapidly changing digital landscape, employer branding has taken center stage for businesses of all sizes. The emphasis on showcasing what it's like to work for a company is no longer exclusive to corporate giants. If you're a small business owner and don't yet have a 'Work for Us' or 'Join Our Team' section on your website, you might be missing out. Here's why:

Career Pages Aren't Just for Big Players Anymore

Once considered the domain of larger corporations, career pages have become a must-have for all. 

According to Recruiting Trends 2020, a staggering 86.4% of the top 1,000 companies advertised vacancies on their own websites. The numbers were even more astounding for IT companies, where nearly 98.3% leveraged their career pages. 

If such a massive percentage of companies are leaning into this trend, it's a clear indicator of its importance. Small businesses must recognize that to compete effectively for talent, having a dedicated careers page is essential.

Your Jobs / Your Brand

One of the significant advantages of having a dedicated career page is the control it offers. Unlike many third-party job boards, your careers page can give you the flexibility to:

  • Showcase your business and your brand.

  • Let job seekers see all vacancies/opportunities for your business

  • Removes the 'distraction' of other advertisers

  • Continue to build your talent pipeline, even when you're not actively hiring, so that you don't miss out on a great candidate whose interested in working for you!

Provide a Glimpse into Your Business Culture

These days, potential employees aren't just looking for a job; they're looking for a culture, a work environment, and a place where they feel they belong. A dedicated careers page can:

  • Communicate your company's values, culture, and unique selling propositions.

  • Provide insights into day-to-day operations and offer glimpses of actual employees, further humanising your brand.

  • Offer a streamlined application process, making it easier for jobseekers to get in touch.

  • Serve as a platform to highlight your business's accomplishments, awards, and community involvement.

  • Facilitate SEO optimisation, making sure you're easily discoverable by job seekers.

  • Feature testimonials and stories, showing your appreciation and pride in your team.

What do you think? 

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As the digital world continuously evolves, so do the expectations of job seekers. 

They're looking for a seamless experience, one where they can easily access information, understand a company's ethos, and imagine themselves being a part of it. 

The advantages of having a dedicated 'Work for Us' page are numerous, and its importance is undeniable. As a small business, embracing this trend not only helps you stay competitive but also ensures you attract the right talent that aligns with your company's vision and values.

If you are interested in learning more about creating a careers page for your business, or would like further information about our recruitment services, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.


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