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MYNEWJOB delivers an end-to-end recruitment service; we handle the recruitment process for you.

From the initial contact to discuss your staffing needs and gather information about your vacancy, until successful sourcing of the ideal candidate with your business - our goal is to free up your valuable time, so that you can concentrate your energy where you business needs you most.

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Our Recruitment Services

When you engage MYNEWJOB to manage your recruitment process, our goal is to deliver a seamless and  effective service tailored to your requirements.

1. Job Brief

Job Brief: We start things off by getting to know your business, culture, and the position you want to fill. Here's where you share your ideal candidate's skills and attributes, this helps us in our candidate search and screening. We can also help you write a job description and size the role. 

2. Advertising & Marketing

Advertising & Marketing: Our team will write a compelling job advert to resonate with your ideal candidate. We handle the online advertising on job boards such as Seek, Indeed, our website and other popular job boards. We'll also post your job advert regularly on social media platforms including Facebook (pages & popular job groups) and Linkedin.

3. Talent Search / Outreach

Finding the right talent goes beyond job ads. We tap into a vast candidate pool, including our database, Indeed, Linkedin, and Seek Premium Talent Search, to proactively seek out the best fits for your organisation.

4. Shortlisting & Screening

We save you time by reviewing and rating all applications, shortlisting candidates, and conducting initial phone interviews to assess their suitability. Candidate care is a priority, we ensure that every candidate is communicated with in in timely manner to provide an update or outcome of their application.

5. Client / Candidate Interviews:

We streamline the interview process by scheduling and coordinating all client/candidate interviews, providing advice, and helping you with interview questions if needed.

6. Reference Checking

Once you've narrowed down your preferred candidates, we handle thorough reference checks on your behalf. We can also assist with skills assessments, psychometric testing, and other requirements as needed.

7. Presenting & Closing the Offer

When you're ready to extend an offer, we're on hand to present and negotiate on your behalf, or support you with this step - to ensure a smooth process and a successful result.

With MYNEWJOB, you can expect a friendly and professional approach throughout the entire recruitment journey. We're here to make the process as efficient and effective as possible, so you can stay focused on continued daily management of your business.

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