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What features can be included on my Career Landing page?

Your Career Landing page includes:

  • Branded Content: A responsive career landing page personlised with your colors, logo etc to showcase your brand, culture, and current vacancies.

  • Job Board Integration: List current job openings, streamlining the job application process for potential candidates.

  • Sign Up For Job Alerts / Contact Form: MYNEWJOB will ensure that all potential candidates and job seekers receive timely and professional communication, reinforcing your brand's value.

  • Alerts: What's a pipeline of talent without job alerts? We'll reach out to your talent pool whenever you post a vacancy.

  • Screening Services: MYNEWJOB will automatically screen out unsuitable candidates, and will present potential candidates as they are received. (placement fees may apply, per agreed terms)

  • Reciprocal Links: We'll link your dedicated careers page to your website and provide guidelines on how to add your careers page to your website.

  • Access to 'Hiring Manager': A dedicated portal where you can create new job vacancies, view, and manage candidates all in one place.


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