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Changes to New Zealand Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) Conditions for Sponsorship

New Work Visa Regulations Pose Challenges for Employers and Migrants

Recent updates to the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) program have the potential to impact access to essential workers and may make New Zealand less appealing for migrants seeking employment and residency opportunities.

The modifications introduce several challenges for employers and migrants alike. Of significant concern is the potential impact on migrants who relocated to New Zealand with the expectation of a pathway to permanent residency, which is now uncertain due to the revised visa criteria.

Key changes to the AEWV include:

  • Introduction of an English language proficiency requirement for migrants applying for low-skilled level 4 and 5 roles.

  • Establishment of a minimum skills and work experience threshold for most AEWV roles.

  • Requirement for employers seeking to hire migrants for level 4 and 5 positions to engage with Work and Income before visa approval.

  • Reduction of the maximum allowable stay for most level 4 and 5 roles from five years to three years.

  • Discontinuation of the franchisee accreditation category, requiring affected businesses to use standard, high-volume, or triangular employment accreditation processes for hiring overseas workers.

These changes are expected to impact industries heavily reliant on overseas labor to meet market demand. Moreover, the likelihood of extended visa processing times is a further concern for employers and industry stakeholders.

Employers are urged to stay informed about these changes and their implications for their workforce planning. It is essential to assess how these adjustments will affect hiring strategies and the long-term availability of skilled workers.

Moving forward, employers may want to engage with relevant industry groups and associations to understand the broader implications of these policy changes and advocate for their interests in ongoing discussions with policymakers.

In conclusion, the evolving landscape of work visa regulations underscores the importance for employers to adapt and plan accordingly, ensuring they can continue to meet their staffing needs while navigating the evolving immigration policies in New Zealand.


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